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"Paradise Hotline"

Abou the EP

The concept behind "Paradise Hotline" is to bring you back to the past, to the times when people used to call hotlines to bring a bit of excitement to their lives. Each song in the EP has a unique vibe, an infectious melody and groovy rhythms that guarantee you a refreshing musical experience. We are proud of our Hispanic heritage and we truly enjoy singing in both Spanish and English, as well as  incorporating tropical elements to our compositions.

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The Spanish Flies: A Fiesta of Indie Rock, Latin Funk, and Psychedelia

Get ready to groove, because The Spanish Flies are here to ignite your musical senses with their electric blend of indie rock, Latin funk, and psychedelia. This Edmonton-based collective of talented musicians brings a refreshing mix of pop, rock, and Latin vibes that promise to turn up the heat and get you dancing.

Founded by the dynamic lead singer and guitarist, Fel Gamarra, in the heart of Edmonton, Canada in 2017, The Spanish Flies quickly made a name for themselves by infusing their music with highly energetic and passionate live performances, featuring irresistible Latin-influenced grooves that are nothing short of infectious.

With the addition of the skilled bassist Erik Escobar and the rhythmic powerhouse on drums, Aaron Minchau, The Spanish Flies became a powerhouse trio that's been setting the stage on fire. Their chemistry and musical synergy are undeniable, making each live show an unforgettable experience for fans.

Since their inception, The Spanish Flies have been on a remarkable journey, showcasing their creativity and musical prowess through their discography. The band has released three EPs, each a testament to their evolution and innovation:

  • "Ignorance is Bliss" (2017)

  • "Good Things Come to Those Who Wait" (2018)

  • "Paradise Hotline" (2023)


These EPs encapsulate the band's signature sound, a mesmerizing fusion of genres that transcends boundaries and creates a sonic landscape that's as unique as it is captivating.

So, if you're ready to embark on a musical journey that blends the best of indie rock, Latin funk, and psychedelia, look no further than The Spanish Flies. They are here to bring the party, get you moving, and remind you that the world is a better place with music that makes you dance.

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